Portrait of the Musician as an Artist

Lately I’ve been posting more paintings than songs on social media, and as most people know me as a musician, maybe it’s time I wrote a bit about me and Art. We go way back, but I'll pick up from when I was maybe 15. To escape the heat and humidity of summer days in Washington, DC, I used to head downtown to wander air conditioned temples of art like the National Gallery, the Freer, and the Hirschhorn; a free, informal art history education. I was especially drawn to the wit and playfulness of Kurt Schwitters, the Dadaists, Joseph Cornell, Robert Rauschenburg, the formal puzzle-solving of Richard Diebenkorn, and to Asian art. I still am. At Sarah Lawrence College I studied painting and print

Transatlantic Antiviral & Wedding Songs

Bob Goldberg, accordionist, composer, CEO of the Brooklyn Academy of Noise, and member of NYC's definitive [summer] campy "post-modern jug band" Washboard Jungle, is an old friend. He played at my wedding reception in the Grange Hall in Rockport, Maine, in the free-for-all jam after the contra dance band went home. We both played in a band assembled for mutual friend Carlo's wedding, a group that lived on as Le Nozze di Carlo (without me–I'd moved to New Hampshire). And I was honored to play at Bob's wedding on the music barge in Brooklyn. More recently, as a fellow music educator, he encouraged me to get Orff/Schulwerk teacher training, for which I am forever grateful (though no longer tea

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