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What's the Big Deal?

Forgot this song for almost a year. I worked on it with The Buskers a couple of different ways, but the arrangement never came together. I think it wants a lush, pop groove. There was a problem lyrically: the tension between the title/hook, which sounds typically male and callous, and the empathy and support I want to drip from every line. So I just reworked the second chorus, which used to begin, "What's the big deal? Can't you read the signs? You're way out in left field, and you miss the ball sometimes." That stings. I don't mind a little frustration leaking into the vibe of the song, but ... I don't mean to be unkind.

Here I am, expat in Germany, doubtful I will ever find audiences here that can respond closely to an unknown English language songwriter. I joined a facebook group "Singer-Songwriter NIght In Cologne," thinking why not pursue that angle here as well as jazz–throw a different type of pasta against the wall and see if it sticks, so to speak. I've got nothing to lose. The online admin was supportive, but quick to let me know they maintain very few slots for non-German language performers.

Last night singer Nadia Meroni invited me to the weekly music and readings event at the Tragödchen bookstore in Ratingen, where I'll be playing with her on January 31. I loved the crowd; lots of warmth and humor and a palpable sense of community and support for the arts. I felt right at home–except I could only understand about 5% of what was said or sung! A little isolating. (Diva Nadia, who speaks French, English, and German fluently: "Du musst Deutsch lernen!" Indeed. But it takes time. I'm not dragging my heels or spinning my wheels.)

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