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Sunday in Maremma

Luca and Lāsma, our friends in Maremma, hosted an unforgettable Sunday at the family farm. Belgian jazz saxophonist Jon Snauwaert and Canadian/American singer/songwriter Emilie Mover are staying at Luca’s Airbnb, and he invited them, guitarist Emilio Cantini, and me to give an intimate, informal concert at the family chapel for an audience of wives, partners, local friends, and family; eight nationalities in all: Italy, Latvia, Belgium, Canada, USA, Poland, Brazil, and France. Magic all around on only 24 hours' notice.

A lovely dinner followed the concert. And as if that hospitality wasn't enough, Luca insisted that my wife, sister-in-law (currently visiting us) and I not drive back to Florence, but stay the night at their family's house by the sea in Castiglione della Pescaia—with apologies, as every bed at the farm was already spoken for that night. No apologies, please! I’m pretty sure I’ve never been paid better. 


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