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Trio Album Now Available as CD!

Despite what people say about CDs, I keep getting requests for them at gigs, so, always happy to oblige, while I was in the States last month I had these made. And though the album's been available digitally for a year or so, I feel so much more satisfied now that it's an actual THING, especially as it was an opportunity to collaborate on the cover with my dear old friend Henry Beer (who also designed the layout for the Buskers' 2013 album Every Day We Play A New Song). I am so pleased with how this one turned out, making nice use of two of my recent paintings (now matted and framed for my next show, TBA) and a great photo taken by Caleb Jaster.


Granted, it's not vinyl. Some day, maybe, for you audiophiles. But the CD is recorded at 24-bits, unlike the 16-bit available from digital downloads and the streaming services. So you can hear every mistake more clearly. lol!

If you would like a copy, don't hesitate to contact me. In the USA they are $12, which includes shipping. I brought only a very limited number back with me to Germany, but for 10€ you can pick one up at Rivercoffee, Düsseldorf 40489 while they last (and while I'm still here–I return to the US in June for another run of the play Pantheon, and move to Florence, Italy in August!!!), or just contact me directly.

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