Palo Alto Practice Pad

Here in California with my wife, I had the week off, but she had to work. So what to do all day besides go for runs, rides, reading, wandering, museuming, eating, napping, and meditating? Practice. I'm going into the studio mid-June with my trio and I can't spend enough time preparing. "Professorville" is–was– a very quiet neighborhood, except for the landlord's $%^&* chickens–ten feet from the window by our bed in this one-room cottage (astronomical rent–and chickens?) but that's all changed. Voice and piano every day for several hours. bawk! bawk! I composed some of the songs years ago, but I've been digging deep into the possibilities. Nothing is for granted, and it's been a luxury spen

April Fool's

Sabrina Mandell, co-director of Happenstance Theater and my sister-in-law, kindly took the time out to create this site for me while stopping by with my brother for a visit. Let it be noted that she also helped shovel me out after the April Fool's twelve inches of snow dump yesterday (look outside that window!). Meanwhile, my brother did some dramaturgy on the script of a play I am directing at Sant Bani School. And their feets fit in the Nordic ski boots I had, so all three of us went for a well-deserved ski out the back door and into the woods.

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