German Lesson

Arturo Castro Nagueros, the excellent featured artist at last night's Zakk Barabasch open stage in Düsseldorf. I’m walking with my mandolin from the U-Bahn stop in the direction I hope the GPS is trying to lead me, up a wide, dark street toward a downtown open stage/jam session a new friend has recommended. Aha! A man with a guitar case, slowly walking the same way. “Entschuldigung?” (excuse me/sorry) “This way to Fichtenstraße?” (I point up the street, in case my Germglish isn’t clear enough). “Ja.” (Oh good; he’s friendly and understands me.) He laughs. Snorts, actually. “But (he continues, in good English) say “FISH-den-straße. FICK-den-straße would be ‘Fuck Street.’

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