Auf Wiedersehen 2019 / Ciao 2020

Happenstance Theater (Mark Jaster, Alex Vernon, Sarah Olmsted Thomas, Sabrina Mandell, and Gwen Grastorf) in Moxie; A Happenstance Vaudeville, Round House Theater, 2016. (photo: Leslie Swan photography) More than a week past the expiration date... too late for a year's-end reflection/recap? Nah, I now lead an unhurried life in Italy, so why not?! In January 2019 I was living in Düsseldorf, Germany. I returned to the US in the spring to work with Washington, DC area Happenstance Theater on a new show, Pantheon. It was a success, I had a blast, and received some welcome good press: Craig Jaster, composer, onstage musician, and deliverer of prologues and epilogues, glues it all together. Music

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