Helen Hayes Award Nominees: "Outstanding Ensemble in a Play"

Tonight I'll be tuning in (virtually) for the final night of the Helen Hayes Awards for the 2020 Washington, DC theater season. I am proud to be included with the company members of Happenstance Theater as one of the nominees for Outstanding Ensemble in a Play for their production Pantheon, an original work of devised theater. Ordinarily, a guest music director/composer isn't a member of the ensemble, but Happenstance is not ordinary. My role, though it centered around being a one-man band and sound effects man, also involved character, costume, movement (we were nominated for Outstanding Choreography in a Play as well), writing and speaking dialogue, and dramatic, comedic Brechtian song de

Another Concert Canceled? (Laughing/Crying Emoji)

Back in Italy a month now, excited to be practicing with a great new trio and with the Caffé Jazz Quartet, which just got a couple of gigs I wanted to add to my concert listings, a page that has been, sadly, mostly **CANCELED** U.S. shows. But I was grateful to have played at all this Summer. On The Buskers' calendar page, you'll see EVERY last show got canceled. Time to start fresh. I had to update the format, anyway. But I saved a screen shot for posterity; to bear witness to what it's been and will continue to be like for performers of all kinds, pretty much everywhere, for who knows how long. And now –it's almost funny– of my first shows back in Italy so far [see below], this evening's h

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