Trio Album in the Pipeline

Master engineer Gerry Putnam, working mix magic (with broken arm) at Cedarhouse Sound & Mastering, New London, NH. The Buskers recorded our first album at his original studio back in 1999, and he mastered our subsequent albums. But I've put myself completely in his hands–er, hand–for my debut trio album. Good move. Tim Gilmore, Brendan Dowd and I recorded multiple takes of eleven different tracks in two days. Yes, we were pretty tired at the end of the day. But no overdubs, baby. Piano (completely rebuilt 1898 Steinway B) and voice recorded together. Today, on too little sleep after recording all day yesterday and then last night's show for a very lively, supportive audience in Center Sandwi

Packing & Woodshedding

Only a few days left before the shipping company comes for us to sort through belongings–27 years in this house–and decide what goes with us to Germany. Musical instruments and equipment will fill a good percentage of the shipping container. I need two sets of almost everything if I continue playing in the U.S. in the summers, so I made a nightmare trip to Guitar Center, unfortunately the only place within reach that had the keyboard I needed (Korg SV-1, pictured above) in stock. I will leave my accordion here–can't I get a good accordion cheap in Germany? Maybe, but word is you can't get good hot sauce or Mexican food, so gotta throw in some sauce. And as a New Englander I am always shocke

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